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Laazara London is a luxury online outlet, based in London with very humble begins.


As a brand we aim to empower women to create and conform to their OWN vision of beauty standards, and not society’s! Empowering women to ultimately feel confident and unapologetic in reflecting their true self!


After being diagnosed with a condition called fibromyalgia a few years ago, my life was at a crossroads. I felt lost, depressed and my confidence was at a all time low. Being determined to take back control of my life. I turned to my closest friends and family for help to start a small business. 


First I started out selling one product, which is a natural hair growth serum. And since then I’ve managed to expanded our range to include beauty cosmetics, hair accessories, woman’s wear and jewellery.


What started out as just an impossible dream has now become a reality.


From the begining, we have been customer care focussed. Which is why we continue to find ways to improve your online shopping experience with us.


As a brand a big part of our mission is to provide products that enables creative freedom and expression. Products that don't just look good, but products that work and make you feel good! ​


Our Brand Message:





Embodies what Laazara London stands for. 



The founder Laazara London

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